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Grounding & Bonding Products:
  Earth Rods


Threaded Coupling


Rod To Cable Clamp
Rod To Tape Clamp
U bolt Rod to Cable Clamp GUV
Lightning Protection System:
  DC Tape Clip


Square Tape Clamp
U Bolt Rod Clamp
Oblong Clamp
Air Rod Base
Back Plate Hold Fast Stem
Flat Saddle
Glazing Bar Hold Fast
Jointing Clamp
Metalwork Bond
Plate Type Test Clamp
Rebar Clamp
Ridge Saddle
Rod Brackets
Rod To Tape Coupling
Screw Down Test Clamp
Square Clamp
Tape to Rod Square Clamp
  Tape to Cable Saddle
Square Rod Clamp
Tee Clamp
Test Clamp
Tower Earth Clamp
Earthing Accessories:
  Square Conductor Clamp
  ROD to Cable Lug Clamp
Straight Cable Lug
Heavy Duty Cable Saddle
Earth Point
Bimetallic Connector
B Bond
RWP Bond
Eye Bolt
Water Main Bond
Cable Glands:
  BW Cable Glands
CW Cable Glands
A2 Cable Glands
PG Cable Glands
  E1W / F Cable Glands
Conduit Fittings:
  Swivel Adapters
Female Adapters
Four Piece Connectors
Male Straight Connector
Push Fit Swivel Connectors
Wiring Accessories:
  Split Bolt
D Clamp
Earth Tag
Lock Nut
Valve Accessories:
  Ball Valves
Stem Nuts
Screw Outlets
Plumbing Accessories and Compression Fittings:
  Male Female Elbow


Male Female Tee
  Hose Nipple
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